There never has and never will be, one size fits all.
If you are trying to imitate an influencer, you are being influenced, not influencing. We are a group of intensely strategic, fiercely creative, and proudly independent visionary thinkers. Given the opportunity, we will immerse ourselves in your (or your client) brand(s), meaning we live, breathe, and truly understand the business’s core values. We assist ambitious brands in connecting with their customers and fulfilling their growth potential. Forever curious, we love to challenge expectations, push boundaries, and seek out new opportunities. We desire to be your trusted agency partner, deliver measurable results, explore ways to help your business grow, and guide and support you through the challenges that growth can bring. We solve business challenges with innovative and low-risk solutions that accelerate growth.
Vue Media Creative Design
Vue Media Creative Design


Creative Design

Brand is at the forefront of every ‘client to consumer’ interaction. Your identity is more than just a logo and colour palette. Your branding should demonstrate your core values and allow your users to build an emotional bond with your products and services.
By examining your values, market positioning and target demographic, we bring your company’s personality to life with a strategy, style guide and visual identity that will withstand the test of time. This could be a full re-brand, sub branding our creative assets for a particular campaign.
Vue Media Create A Video


How To Create An Engaging Video

As audience expectations move, we must move with it, or be left behind. The importance of high-quality visual content across your brand’s digital platforms is paramount.
We film on the very best production equipment and edit on state-of-the-art post-production suites. Our team is multi-skilled with a licensed drone operator, motion graphics and 3D specialist. Our continued investment in the team and equipment allows us to stay at the cutting edge of production.
Our team of moving image experts will help along each step of the creative process, from concept to production, post-production and distribution. Whether you have an idea that you need bringing to life or need help generating ideas, we ensure our content performs to the highest level, by considering how the action will invoke a reaction with your audience.
We analyse which platforms the content will be viewed on, the demographic you are trying to appeal to, audience retention rates and assess market trends to ensure your content achieves optimum appeal.
We breakdown video productions into three categories; Inspire, insight and inform. ‘Inspire’ videos are adverts, they show the product or service in the best light and evoke a positive feeling. ‘Insight’ videos belong on social channels and take the form of case studies, behind the scenes video and product demos etc. ‘Inform’ videos are tutorials, reviews or video FAQ’s.
Vue Media Marketing And Campaign Strategy


Campaign & Marketing Strategy

With over 20 years of corporate experience across a variety of SME and blue chip organisations.
Our strategic approach allows our clients to be assured that carefully selected, consultants and specialists will be selected on skill, knowledge and experience, as and when required. This ensures an effective and efficient cost model for all clients, enabling them to engage in all sizes of projects and campaigns. This also ensures you have an agency which is agile, responsive and innovative. We strive to drive value, management and consistency through the marketing, partnerships and stakeholders of all projects
Vue Media Create Animation


How To Create Story Telling Animations

Communicating complex ideas can be easily achieved with animation, allowing you to breathe life into your message and identity.

We thrive on producing content that compels, drives traffic and increases conversions. Whether you require simple 2D infomercial and social media content to cinematic CGI. Aanimation is the perfect vehicle to describe your product and captivate your audience’s imagination.

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