Are you an agency that can help us with a targeted campaign?

Yes. We tactically create targeted campaigns for companies ensuring their video / animated content is designed and delivered on and off-line in the most engaging way with the defined goal a priority from the outset.

Can you produce a video for us?

Yes. We offer full production for a multitude of genres. Producing unique content for brands of different shapes and sizes either on location or at our studio based in Northamptonshire.

What are VueTV® Video Brochures?

VueTV video brochures are a communication tool that delivers pre-uploaded content off-line, placing your video directly into the hands of your target audience in the most engaging way.

Can you explain your Create service?

The start of any successful campaign requires an accurate plan as something to measure against and continually improve. Our creative & marketing team deliver business & campaign strategy, video & animated content, branding and web design.

Can you manage fulfilment and despatch for our campaign?

Yes. Our in-house facilities enable us to process data, pack your goods safely and securely, then distribute to multiple locations throughout the UK and the rest of the world, tracked in real-time.

How much do VueTV® Video Brochures cost?

They are as little as £20 each. But it depends on the size and quantity. Like most manufacturing it’s an economy of scale, so the more you order, the better unit price you will receive.

Are your VueTV® Video Brochures recyclable?

Yes. All components can be recycled. We use FSC certified paper-based products and biodegradable laminate. We can also manage any returns directly and ensure they are recycled correctly on your behalf.

Do you produce VueTV® Video Boxes?

Absolutely. We cover the whole video-in-print variety. We can make you something standard or if you want to be really creative, we can build you something truly unique.

Do you provide other printed materials or just VueTV® Video Brochures?

Printed collateral is our original expertise, it’s where VueTV video-in-print products evolved from. We provide all varieties of printed items, from marketing catalogues and in-store display through to packaging and training materials.

We want a video box with a gift included, can you help?

Merchandise and clothing is another expertise of ours. From exhibition giveaways and eco-friendly products, through to bespoke gifts and workwear. Plus we can fulfil the video boxes and distribute from our in-house facility throughout the UK and world-wide.

Can you create animations?

Yes. We create various content from 2D explainer animations through to 3D walk-throughs and product demos, plus everything in-between.

What do you mean when you say Optimise?

A lot of companies produce content and publish on their website with a few social post in support. We enhance the content by using SEO techniques to rank your video / animation for certain key words to create engagement. Google Adwords is also advised but not essential.

What is a personalised VueTV® Video Brochure?

In addition to printing your branding on our video brochures, we can individually personalise each video book with a name, message or code, making each one truly unique to each recipient. And people love personalised stuff!

Can you explain your Engage service?

Similar to optimise, we make your campaigns reach more people by engaging off-line with various touch-points with video brochures, printed collateral and merchandise.

Do you manufacture VueTV® Video Brochures in the UK?

Yes. And we offer a super-fast production of just 5 days on selected products.

Is a video book the same as a video brochure?

Yes. Different people use different terminology.

Do you make video business cards?

Yes, they have a 3” HD screen and are perfect for VIP invitations and internal communications.

Can you supply to countries outside the UK?

Yes, we deliver worldwide and manage fulfilment and direct marketing projects from our in-house facility.

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