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In a digital world where attention is the new currency, video content reigns supreme. But what if there was a way to harness the power of video offline, delivering your message directly into the hands of your audience without the need for an internet connection? Enter the realm of Video Booklets — a cutting-edge marketing tool that marries the impact of video with the tactile memory of print, creating an experience that’s memorable, powerful, and completely distraction-free.

What are Video Booklets?

Video Booklets are a hybrid marketing tool that fuses printed materials with embedded video screens. Think of it as a brochure that you can open to play a video message instantly. They offer the full-sensory experience of traditional media — the feel of paper and the quality of print — combined with the dynamic storytelling of video. As a result, Video Booklets deliver a compelling medium that engages users on a deeper level, away from the clutter of online distractions.

The Technology Under the Hood

The magic of VueTV® Video Booklets lies within their simplistic complexity. A small, high-definition LCD IPS screen is embedded into a bespoke printed card or booklet, which can store and play video content upon opening. The audience simply needs to open the Video Booklet, and the video starts playing, capturing their focus in a way that traditional materials just can’t match.

A5 Vue Media VueTV® Video Booklet with a 7 inch HD screen for Magnum


Back to Basics: The Allure of Tactile Marketing

In an age where physical interaction with brands is rare, touch becomes a powerful tool. The tactile nature of VueTV® Video Booklets not only makes them impossible to ignore, but it also enhances memory; studies show that tactile experiences create stronger imprint of brand images compared to digital. The physical act of opening a booklet and pressing play creates a memorable, interactive experience in itself.

Why are Video Booklets Effective?

The Engagement Multiplier

Engagement is key in communication, and VueTV® Video Booklets skyrocket engagement levels. It’s hard to ignore a video playing in your hand. This novel approach demands attention and can’t be simply scrolled past. The combination of video and physical touch draws the viewer in, creating an immersive experience that static content struggles to match. It’s pre-uploaded content so there’s no adverts, no pop-ps and no distractions.

The Uninterrupted Experience

In a world of online advertising and information overload, the interruptive nature of digital ads can often overshadow the message itself. VueTV® Video Booklets offer a respite from that chaos. With no external distractions, the viewer’s full attention is on the content delivered, allowing for a deeper understanding and a more profound connection with the brand.