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How Video Brochures Are Revolutionizing Marketing

Video brochures are a relatively new form of advertising, but that’s what makes them so amazing. In order to stay up to date with an evolving world, you can’t rely on an old way of doing things. Did you know that a person is 1,200% more likely to share video content than links and text combined? Not only that, but people remember the videos they see longer than other forms of media. Combined with the new COVID-19 world, video brochures create a unique opportunity to draw in clients and make them remember your products. But, how do you make sure they remember you for quality content? Here are elements of a video brochure that you can use to make them work for you.

Make A Good Impression Cover to Cover

Even though you have been told your entire life not to judge a book by its cover, it is instinct to do so. That is no different when looking at a video brochure. You want the client’s first impression to be something they want to see and have a positive impression of. The way to do this is to have something that is eye-catching without being overly flashy, but also something that fits with the message you want to send. 

Have A Clear Purpose

One of the biggest mistakes made in this style of advertising is the focus. When creating the content of the video it is important that it has one clearly defined purpose. Every element of the video should point back to that key point. If the images, the sound, and the text are not cohesive and unified, the potential client viewing it can be confused about the objective. The brochure should tell a story to deliver the message you want and if any details are ambiguous it could leave room for misinterpretation and miscommunication. This leads us to… 

Knowing Your Audience

When giving out a video brochure know where it will be viewed and the people that will be viewing it. 
Tailor your video brochure to the audience, not the other way around. For example: If it will be viewed in an office waiting area it would be disruptive to have loud music. This can make a difference in how it is viewed, and impact the experience in a negative way. Knowing your audience also means selecting text that is professional and images that are not potentially offensive. 

The elements of a quality video brochure are more than making it look great. That is why it is incredibly important to work with a company that you know can deliver a targeted advertisement for your unique needs.  Contact us today for the most professional, high-quality video brochure.